I started dancing at NJAD when I was 5 years old and continued dancing there until I graduated high school. In my 13 years at NJAD, I trained in various styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and dance team style classes. I am so thankful for NJAD and the amazing instructors I had, as they gave me all the tools I needed to have success in all my adventures with dance.

I was a Gardendale High School Rockette for 4 years and was captain of the team my senior year. After high school, I went on to dance in college for 4 years as a UAB Golden Girl. During my time at UAB, I was able to continue to train in various dance team styles and compete twice in the D1A Hip-Hop and Game Day categories at UDA College Nationals. I also was able to learn from established choreographers like Jennifer Britton Whitford and take hip hop master classes from Bgirl Bonita. My most recent adventure with dance was being selected as a USFL pro cheerleader for two seasons. I am also currently a choreographer for various high school dance teams.

I graduated in 2022 from UAB with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I currently teach science at Fultondale High School. This will be my 7th year as an instructor at NJAD. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I have at NJAD to help dancers grow their love of dance, increase their skill levels, and most importantly to teach them the importance of using their talent for the Lord.

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